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Delicious, Nutritious Soyfoods of 2013

To celebrate Soyfoods Month this April, ASA/WISHH salutes its partners in developing countries for their introductions of exciting new African and Hispanic foods made with soy protein ingredients. Below you can find some of the great examples of these new delicious, nutritious soyfoods that were launched.


Sesaco SoySip
SoySip is a combination of US value added Soy and Uganda full fat Soy. This product requires only hot water. Sugar and ginger are in the packet that gives you a quick, hot drink—much like a cup of coffee. This product is a convenient and affordable protein option.

As a way that SESACO is expanding the marketplace with soy, the public is being served Soymeat samosa as a breakfast accompaniment. Also, chapati makers have started enhancing their products with soy —using it for side dishes.

Africa Soymeat Samosa
“We now have US Value added Soy Products on the market like TSP, Soymilk, DSF and ISP this has been possible in partnership with USDA and ASA/WISHH.” —Charles Nsubuga, SESACO

Alpha Fine Foods in Nairobi, Kenya has pioneered the introduction of many products into the market, enhancing the meat industry standards. In 2013, they introduced Vienna Meat with soy proteins. Pictured here is an assortment of their products (Photo Credit: Alpha Fine Foods)
Africa Alpine Foods
Farmer’s Choice in Kenya produces a wide range of meats—including pork, lamb and beef. This year, they launched extended minced beef into the market. (Photo Credit: Farmer’s Choice)

Farmers Choice Meat Package
Dema Fresh (Touch Express, LTD) is an incubator company of the University Industrial Research Institute in Uganda. Pictured here are fish nuggets using soy proteins developed after attending the “Meat Applications with Soy” trade team trip at the University of Utah.
Africa Dema Fresh

Central America

Alimentos, SA aims to offer nutritious and readily available foods to improve nutrition in Central America. Pictured here is one of their newest products, Amelia Cream Soups (Photo Credit: INCAP)
Central America Alimentos Soups
Alimentos, SA: Pictured here is a soy drink called Nef.

Central America Alimentos Soy Drink
Futuro Vivo in Guatemala produces soy milk, soy cereal and other soy products that the organization provides in school nutrition programs. Pictured here is a soy cereal/granola.
Futuro Vivo in Guatemala
Fundaniñas works to educate women and fight poverty in Guatemala. Pictured here is Guatemalan Champurradas, or "soy cookies".
Fundininas Soy cookies
Pictured here is a hot chocolate mix made with soy launched by Paxa in El Salvador.

El Salvador hot chocolate by Paxa
Nutrivida provides families in El Salvador with soy products to supplement their daily nutrition. Pictured here is Chocolate Chip Cookies made with soy.Nutrivida soy cookies

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